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Night Of Passion by Biosonic100
Night Of Passion
Holy shit! When I first drew the sketch for this is was meant to be cute cuddles, but it ended up being sexy time. I always like to be subtle so there's no outright sexy things happening. It's mostly implied, but still obvious enough. In support for the LGBT community I draw this because sexy time is a part of love too, and even sexy time doesn't have to be full blown and in your face. Sometimes just feeling the passion is reward enough. The emotion in sexy time is more important that the physical pleasure.
It's About Time by Biosonic100
It's About Time
This is what I'm doing to celebrate the Supreme Court's ruling today.

My rarijack is officially canon in my book.

Way to go, USA, you're finally going in the right direction.
All You Need Is Love by Biosonic100
All You Need Is Love
After Applejack was able to stop Nightmare Rarity, and keep her calm, guards arrived to take Thunderlane away for questioning. They had to find out if any more members of the Shadowbolts were planning some other terrible plot.

Just before they took him away, Jeweled Thunder ran up and gave her father one last hug goodbye. She didn't say a word, and probably didn't want anything more to do with him. But in her heart...she forgave him, and showed him love. Hopefully that might make him a better pony in the future. Jewel didn't need him as a father anymore. He gave that up, and Applejack was a better parent anyway.

Everypony there was left in awe of the little filly, bravely walking up to a terrorist and showing him compassion. Whether that would soften Thunderlane would be seen to later, but the old saying is true: All you need is love.

Happy Father's Day, guys.
Lifelong Friends by Biosonic100
Lifelong Friends
On their first day in Manehattan, Cherry Leaf breaks out her camera, and gathers the girls together as they set up their apartment. Cherry often had this tradition of taking pictures for exceptionally special events, and moving into an apartment in Manehattan certainly was that. Everyone smiled for the camera, and right after, Raindrop opened a suspicious letter with a cryptic message.

"We're onto you."

It gave all three of them shivers, but they shrugged, figuring it was some kind of prank from students or something.

the trio prepared for a night on the town to get aquatinted with their new home. During their roaming, and giggling, and laughing with new ponies they were meeting, along with peers in the respective careers they intended to pursue. Dream Weaver (Known as Raspberry to her friends) spoke with a seamstress from Bridleway, Cherry Leaf talked with singers and other actresses, while Raindrop spoke with the local paper about putting her silly comics in for Sundays. One group talked with all three of them about Raindrop's cartoons. Especially ones that made fun of Nightmare Moon. The next thing they all knew was that they were beaten, tied up, and cold, far away from their apartment.

Apparently, a section of The Lunar Republic, known as the Shadowbolts, didn't take kindly to ponies publicly making fun of the pony they considered to be the rightful queen of Equestria, and how the tyrant Celestia should be overthrown.

Raindrop was in a room all alone being threatened and questioned, and one at a time, they dragged her friends into the room. Dream Weaver was battered bad, but Cherry was bleeding out. They said they would do worse if one of them tried to escape again.

Cherry had gotten away and was able to alert the authorities before being shanked and dragged back to the hideaway by her wings. The police arrived too late, though, because the Shadowbolts made off with Raspberry leaving Raindrop in a pool of Cherry's blood as medics rushed to free the would-be cartoonist.

Repositioning herself, and after intense therapy, Raindrop moved out of the main city, into a quiet neighborhood just off the borough. She got into the papers, but as a critic on Bridleway. She was comfortable, but the ordeal left her a broken mare, and thus, she shut herself off from ponies, appearing to be as unfriendly as possible in case that terrorist group ever struck again.
True Nightmares by Biosonic100
True Nightmares
The evil spell forced upon Luna to return her to evil was stopped, but the effects were still being felt, and while the Spirits of Harmony waged their battle against these terrorists, Rarity went after the ringleader, Thunderlane, her ex-husband. And the dainty pony fought fiercely, out of pure rage and hate. Rage from his sudden appearance, and hate from the lie he spun about faking his own death. suddenly, Luna's mind was cleared, thoughts of her sister, and her subjects' love kept the Nightmare from returning. Unfortunately, it was not completely gone. The darkness engulfed Rarity, though, she paid no mind as she was set to kill Thunderlane. Nightmare Rarity would soon emerge if something wasn't done.


I have a name?
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
hey all! This is my new place.Hope you like it.
Feel free to look around. There may not be much to see,but there will,don't worry.

Current Residence: Tennessee
Favourite genre of music: Anything, really.
Favourite style of art: cartooons
Wallpaper of choice: Something fun
Favourite cartoon character: Rarity
Hey guys. I'm going to start focusing on the cartoonist side of myart for a while, so don't be surprised if I don't come up with neat backgrounds. I'm a cartoonist, and backgrounds are not my fort. I'll still include bits of story, but due to time constraints I'm going to trim them back too. Take out the dialogue so you guys can come up with it. I really like it when you do. I'm good about being in the character's head, but not so much about what they will say.

So that's it. Hope you don't mind these little tweaks, but it is what it is.
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A Terrible Mistake by Biosonic100
When Bow-Ties Were Cool by Biosonic100
This is so you guys can see where it is.

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