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On Your Left by Biosonic100
On Your Left
So, in light of Sony and Marvel's deal with Spiderman, and Marvel's plans to cancel Fantastic 4, and new X-man characters to hurt Fox, I give you.....this.
The Hedgehog that stayed Forever by Biosonic100
The Hedgehog that stayed Forever
Going off that little comic strip I did with Shadow I thought about doing a little series with Shadow living at Sonic and Tails' house. Sonic and Tails are roomates. Sonic dates Amy, and Tails stays at home, tinkering in the garage most of the time.

Basically it's a sitcom kind of idea. 

The premise is: G.U.N. forces Shadow to take a year-long vacation so he can clear out his vacation hours. Shadow decides to crash at Sonic's place telling the Blue Blur he's under cover, and from then on Shadow does nothing but eat, sleep, and watch soap operas with the lights off in the middle of the day.

Sonic and Tails are greatly annoyed at what a sloth Shadow can be, and from then on they try to find ways to get Shadow to move. It'll be funny, and it'll also have character development.

Let me know what you think.
doodles by Biosonic100
I just wanted to play around with expressions, and something new I'm playing with.
I want to break some rules I have. I want to try to go for a more cartoony, and expressive look on how I do ponies. The coloring I did here was just a last minute thing I threw on it.

I've been catching up on the Sonic comics, and I want to do something with Sonic again. I also want to show off this new thing I'm doing with Sonic's mouth. I want to use the whole muzzle, not just the little side. 

Tell me what you think.
Shadow's Stories by Biosonic100
Shadow's Stories
Yay! I've done a comic strip! I was just doodling during work yesterday, and I jotted this down. I am all for the headcanon that Shadow watches Soap Operas religiously; mainly because of how long these shows have been on. He'll be watching "As Mobius Turns" when the Sun destroys the planet.

New Bot on the Block part 8 by Biosonic100
New Bot on the Block part 8
Jenny and Rainbow Dash were walking to the cafe to meet up with Rarity and Pinkie Pie. There they would decide where Jenny would stay since she didn't have a house of her own. Fluttershy wasn't joining them because she had a meeting with the owners of the animal shelter. 

Along the way to the coffee shop, Jenny asked Rainbow if she could copy the History class recording on her phone into Jenny's playlist.

"Sure." Rainbow shrugged taking Jenny's earphone jack from her finger, and into Dash's phone.

Jenny closed her eyes, and listened as the two girls walked along.

"Hello class." The sub began on the audio, in an accent that struck familiar to Jenny's audio receptors. The next thing the man said caused Jenny to stop dead in her tracks.

"My name is Professor Gerald..." The words seemed to echo in Jenny's very artificial soul. "Wakeman."

The recording played on about how it all began with a huge explosion. Jenny had repeated those words dead on with the recording. Rainbow looked at Jenny funny.

"What is it, Jen?" she asked.

"What year is it?" Jenny asked

"2015, why?" Rainbow answered.

Jenny's pigtails twitched, and slid into their rocket booster formation.
"I'll be right back." Jenny responded, her voice slipping into a hazy digital tone as the jets ignited, and she blasted off.

Rainbow was even more impressed now. She chuckled. "Wow. She CAN fly."

Jenny, using her internal compass located what direction Tremorton should be in. Her butterfly wing formation extended from her back to increase her speed. She'd hate to miss her coffee with her new friends, but she had to find out if she was right.

Almost immediately Jenny found the little town, and boy, was it little. It looked the same, but also very different. The school was in the same place, but it was new. To avoid detection from anyone she might know in the future, Jenny was miles above the town, and was getting her view from her magnification feature in her eyes.

Everything she saw was confirmation that she was not on some other planet with blue people, but was in fact, in the past. Probably during that period before First Contact, and when a species of aliens decided to alter humankind to a form they preferred. It actually helped improve some things on Earth, but it also put humans back in technology for a long time. A select few rose above the rest, and made phenomenal advances like, well, herself. Jenny smiled thinking of that. It also made her aware that her mother was probably a child now. The teen out of time had to be careful not to get in the way of her intellectual conception. That shouldn't be too hard. Although, her mom often told her how she became enthralled in science, and mechanics. At one point in Nora Wakeman's life her father was a renowned historian, but one day he became inspired by a great technological marvel that made him use his professor-hood to break into mechanics. He took his inspiration home, and presented it to his family. Later down the line Nora had picked up on it, and became a doctor. Many years later Jenny was programmed and completed, ready to save the world.

History lesson aside, Jenny had to get back to Canterlot. She suppose she could have her fun, then shut down until the right time to reawaken. Maybe the day after she got sent back to this time. Jenny doubted that anyone in this time had a time machine. Jenny chuckled. "Imagine, someone in 2015 with a time machine. We don't have those in 2071." Jenny said to herself amused.....


I have a name?
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
hey all! This is my new place.Hope you like it.
Feel free to look around. There may not be much to see,but there will,don't worry.

Current Residence: Tennessee
Favourite genre of music: Anything, really.
Favourite style of art: cartooons
Wallpaper of choice: Something fun
Favourite cartoon character: Rarity
Okay, so, it has snowed where I live, right? I work like, 20 minutes away from my home, but the way I go involves some backroad driving, and stuff's frozen, okay? Luckily for me, I have been off today and yesterday, but I have to work tomorrow, and I called out Monday due to the roads. I don't know what to do. 

I've never missed a day of work so far, and with this weather I'm not sure if I should go in, or stay home.
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A Terrible Mistake by Biosonic100
When Bow-Ties Were Cool by Biosonic100
This is so you guys can see where it is.

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