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Sing Into Submission 5 by Biosonic100
Sing Into Submission 5
As three other girls approached her with the Doctor, Twilight could hear a faint beeping. She had forgotten that she had brought her background radiation detector, and it was going off the charts. At the first moment, she assumed it was because of the TARDIS, but she had taken it's radiation into account, so she pulled it from her pocket, and held it up. It was high when pointed at the red, and yellow-haired girl, but peaked when facing the three girls.

"That's right, Sunset Shimmer, we're back." Adagio replied to the former unicorn in response to her calling them by name.

"But your pendants were destroyed. What do you think you're doing?" Sunset countered.

"Uh, Rebecca." Twilight addressed the leather jacket clad girl.

"It's Sunset, and what is it?"

"Those girls are giving off a lot of radiation."

"Well, that's because of this guy." Sonata said, pulling on the Doctor, bringing him forward. He stumbled in place next to the blue Siren with a dead look in his eye.

"Yeah, he fixed our things." Aria grinned.

"And with his time machine he can help us take over THIS world, get revenge on Star Swirl, and take over Equestria to boot!" Adagio chuckled.

Sunset began to snicker now. "Well, since you've JUST told us the WHOLE plan, we can stop you."

Adagio giggled. "I don't think so." She snapped her fingers, and the Doctor snapped his fingers opening the TARDIS doors.

"You can't stop us if you're helping us." Aria said.

"Now, everybody inside." Adagio commanded.

The girls went in first, followed closely by the Doctor once in, he went to his console, Twilight by his side, and he grinned. He looked over at Twilight, and began whispering to her as the Dazzlings made their entrance.

"You turned those filters on like I instructed, right?" He asked.

She nodded, giving a grin of her own.
"That way whatever mind control they had will be null and void."

"Right you are"

Sunset could hear them whispering. She had to hope this legendary Doctor knew what he was doing.

"Now, Doctor, take us back to Equestria." Adagio ordered looking pleased with herself.

"Never!" he turned around on his heel, snapping the doors closed. "Now you're stuck in MY Tardis. I give the rules now!"

His voice echoed through the ship, the Dazzlings in awe of his trickery.
"But we're still feeding on your hate, Doctor, and boy, do you have some doozies." Adagio smirked. "And the more we consume the more power we have, and the more power we have, the more likely we'll gain more control."

The Doctor's smile faded. He pulled a book from his coat, and threw it at Sunset.
"Get a message to Princess Twilight!" He shouted as he pulled a switch, forcing the TARDIS back through the portal.
Sing Into Submission 4 by Biosonic100
Sing Into Submission 4
As Twilight was making her out of the TARDIS, she heard footsteps following her.
She turned back to see a familiar face.

"Oh, hi, Twilight. Were you going back without saying goodbye?" Sunset asked.

Twilight wasn't used to talking to people. She mostly talked to Spike. But, she did speak with an alien who LOOKED human. Maybe actually talking to one won't be so bad.

"Uh, what do you want?" Twilight asked, unsure of her approach.

Sunset looked confused. "I just wanted to see my friend before she went home."

"I don't have friends." Twilight said

"Well, I'm your friend."

"I've never met you before." 

A pause between them.

"You're not the princess, right?" Sunset spoke first.

"What princess? We live in a democracy."

"Oh, no, I get that (Kind of), but what I meant was; you're not from Equestria. You're the native."

"What are you talking about?"

"Through that statue," Sunset pointed behind the blue box to the pedestal. "Is a magical land called Equestria, where ponies, pegasi, and....unicorns live together in harmony, and they have a princess, and she looks like you."

Twilight nearly laughed. This was absurd. She snickered, and replied.
"There's no such thing as magic, and Pegasus is Greek god who looks like a flying horse."

"Yeah, he was big for his horseshoes." Sunset muttered.

"How do you know about it anyway? Did you go there?" Twilight mused.

"No. I'm from there. I'm a unicorn."

Another pause, and Twilight bursted into laughter. Sunset was getting offended. No one in Equestria ever laughed at her for being a unicorn. No one really dared to laugh at her anyway, but even when her friends learned of her origins, they never laughed, but then, they were exposed to the magic by the princess. The poor unicorn looked up at the statue, and noticed a blue box sitting in the way, and immediately recalled the legends. 

"When the blue box appears, expect danger." Sunset muttered.

"What?" Twilight giggled.

"When the blue box appears, expect danger! Duh!" Sonata blabbed off to the side.

The two girls turned, and Sunset gasped. 
"The Dazzlings!" 
Sing Into Submissioon 3 by Biosonic100
Sing Into Submissioon 3
"Ugh! What does Adagio want?" Aria brooded, waiting for their glorious "leader".

"Maybe she wants to get the band back together?" Sonata offered, distracted by the shards of their pendants.

"How? We can't sing anymore."

"Or can you?" Adagio said, stepping up with an old man. Also following her was the whirring sound of the sonic screwdriver as it forced the shards to pull together into their original form.

The other two Dazzlings gasped in surprise, and picked up their jewels. They glowed their brilliant red once again.

"This is great, Dagie! How'd you do that?" Sonata gleamed, clutching her pendant.

"Him." the orange Siren grinned, wrapping an arm around the Doctor's arm.

"Wait, that little doodad," Aria pointed to the man's jacket as he sheathed his device. 
"Didn't that Doctor use that back in Equestria?"

"Yes he did, and now, he's under my spell." Adagio hissed.

"Then how come he doesn't look it?" Sonata pondered, looking thoughtful at his glaring brow.

"Because his eyebrows have a mind of their own." Adagio dismissed. "Now that we have all of our pendants we can sing again, and with this time traveller, he can helps us exact revenge on Star Swirl, and help us take over this world!"

"Woohoo!" Sonata cheered. "That sounds like fun!"

"But why just this world? Why not Equestria too?" Aria pondered now, an evil smirk gliding over he face.

"Hmm, a nice idea, Airie." Adagio agreed. "What do you think, Doctor? Feel like taking over two worlds?"

"You don't want to know what I'm thinking." The Doctor managed to mutter in his Scottish burr.

"True, but I also want to make sure your thoughts can't get out. Hit it girls."
Adagio commanded as she began to vocalize.

The other two chimed in, harmonizing with their leader. The Doctor's eyebrows cocked in surprise as even they were losing control. He had to get a last few commands to Twilight before he couldn't think anymore.....
Sing Into Submission 2 by Biosonic100
Sing Into Submission 2
As Twilight scanned the corridors of the school with her background radiation meter the pouch in her pocket began to vibrate. She looked down from her scanner to check her phone, then rolled her eyes as she realized it's probably from the Doctor.

She took out the paper holder, and flipped open to see the blank piece of paper before her. "I'm being F***ing controlled. I have no control over my body! Get to the TARDIS, and put her in lockdown." the paper read.

She could have done without the swearing, but she understood. She turned back towards the door, and made her way out of the school. Little did she see that the scanner was blinking off the charts in the presence of someone with high levels of "background radiation". Sunset was stunned to see the princess back at school. Especially without prior warning, but then she paused, and saw that this wasn't the princess, but was in fact, the Twilight native TO this universe.

The former student to Celestia ran to gather her friends. If this Twilight has come to stay at CHS, they'd have to come up with a way to keep the two Twilights from meeting one another.
Sing Into Submission by Biosonic100
Sing Into Submission
Adagio practically oozed with malicious joy as she stepped from behind the curtain to see what's she's caught.

"Ooh, this is just delicious!" She grinned as she looked the Time Lord over.

"You're filled with SO much hate, old man, and there's something familiar about you." She pondered facing his front. The spell she cast may have rendered him immobile, but with his strong mind, the Doctor fought her control, and glared at her with piercing eyebrows.

"Oh, I can see you're cross. Well, at least your eyebrows are. Independently so." Adagio observed. But, there was something in his stare that shook her. It took her a moment, but she started to recognize the man behind the face.

She gasped, then chuckled. "You're the legendary Doctor aren't you?" She hissed.
"You're the one that made Star Swirl aware of us, and banished us to this Celestia-forsaken place." A smile swept across the Siren's face.

"And now you can be the one to have us return. Your powers over time and space are well-known, Doctor, and with you under my spell I can get revenge and conquer this world AND Equestria. My Dazzlings and I will be unstoppable." Adagio felt evil glee fill her heart at the idea of having two worlds worship her.

All this talk of evil plans made the Doctor's hate grow stronger, feeding the stone in his hand. Adagio could feel the stone getting stronger, and sucked in some of that energy. "Hmm, you must have a deep and troubled past, Doctor. I had no idea anyone could be filled with so much negative energy." She faced her slave, and made him kneel. "Now, kind sir, place my necklace around your queen." She smirked viciously, taunting the Time Lord, knowing he had no choice but to obey her command. 

The Doctor did as he was told. "Good boy." She cooed, ruffling his short, grey hair.

"Come now, Doctor," She said holding a puff of smoke, and whipping it like a chain to get the Doctor to stand. "We've got to get the band back together." She hissed, swaying her hips as she walked on in confidence to her underlings.

While the Doctor couldn't speak or move on his own accord, he could still think, and he had given Twilight his psychic paper. Hopefully she'd get the message. I put it on vibrate, didn't I?  He thought as he was carted off to Rassilon knows where....


I have a name?
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
hey all! This is my new place.Hope you like it.
Feel free to look around. There may not be much to see,but there will,don't worry.

Current Residence: Tennessee
Favourite genre of music: Anything, really.
Favourite style of art: cartooons
Wallpaper of choice: Something fun
Favourite cartoon character: Rarity
Happy Christmas, everypony.

With the superior Sonic Boom franchise here, my faith in the Blue Blur has returned, and I will be drawing them for a while.

As far as My Little Pony is concerned, I'm still a brony, and I will never change that, but I've gotten stuck in the continuity. I need some time to sit down and rework some things. Plus, I've been drawing ponies nonstop for about two years, and deserve a break. 

I'll also spend a little more time with Equestria Girls, simply because of how much I love their designs, and Rainbow Rocks.

It's very possible that I will keep the Doctor at CHS, and I may restart my headcanon, and To Beat All, and Trading Places will be the starting points.

So don't be surprised if something new comes along next year, and I hope no one stops liking my art just because I'm pausing ponies right now. I'm still coming up with stories, I just need to get things right right now. 

That being said, I'll talk to you all later, and have a happy Christmas.
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A Terrible Mistake by Biosonic100
When Bow-Ties Were Cool by Biosonic100
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Okay. Must I say that you REALLY know how to combine your Doctor Who and MLP stories right! (Not to say that I haven't seen good ones myself. *Taps nose* :P ) However you know the personalities of everypony right! Twelve is exactly Capaldi, Eleventh's like Smith, etc. etc! I'm just waiting for you to make the previous classic Doctor's in the MLP world! That'd be awesome!
Biosonic100 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you. The hardest part, though, is thinking out the timey wimey things. Like, right now, I'm nearing the climax of my latest story, and it's taken a lot of time mulling it in my head to get it straight. The magic stuff is easier to do because magic.

I'm a character person anyway. I'm not good at giving lengthy descriptions of locations and events, but I can tell you EXACTLY what a character is thinking given certain circumstances.

I'll try, but I've not seen enought of Classic Who.
J-theDemoniclighthog Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well.. I can give you some descriptions of some classic Doctor personalities.

First Doctor: The grumpy grandfather

Second Doctor: The hobo clown

Third: Scientist; James Bond type

Fourth: The wild adventurer

Fifth: The gentle crickiteer

Sixth: The arrogant rainbow

Seventh: The questionable puppeteer

Eighth: The dandy flirt (In the beginning), the kind manipulator (Dark eyes), the scarred (Time War)
Biosonic100 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know his personas, but I haven't watched enough of his old adventures to get the feel of them. I see clips of Classic Who as memories for the current incarnation.
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