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Hail The Lunar Republic by Biosonic100
Hail The Lunar Republic
"What in the holy hay is this?!" Rainbow shouted upon entering the small room. The two occupants stood in surprise at the intruder. Rainbow recognized them both, but was more furious with the male than the mare. After the initial shock wore off, Thunderlane gave a grave glare of resentment towards the Wonderbolt lieutenant.

Rainbow did so similarly. Though, it wasn't resentment she felt for the stallion, it was utter contempt.

"How in Celetia's name could you have done that to Rarity?! Or to Ponyville for that matter!?" Rainbow hissed in disgust at such an act of betrayal.

"Because he's seen the truth," Lightning chimed in. "The truth that everypony, save a few, are blind to."

"Oh? And what's that?" Rainbow said, daring the Academy drop-out to explain herself before she'd beat another explanation out of Thunderlane.

"That Celestia and her Solar Empire will rise soon to take absolute control over Equestria, while we, members of the Lunar Republic, wait in the shadows so we can overthrow the false goddess, and implement Nightmare Moon as our savior." Thunderlane said, grinning towards the symbol on the wall. It was a blue crescent circle with an alicorn horn adorned in the crevasse with a magic spark on top. Wings outstretched from the circle like those from an alicorn. It was a symbol for Luna, or Nightmare Moon in this case.

Rainbow rolled her eyes. She had heard about this lot from Twilight once. Apparently, a longity long long time ago, back when Nightmare Moon was first banished, she had the dream weavers place a dark image into ponies' minds about a tyrannical Celestia, and a sovereign Nightmare Moon. Celestia had succeeded in cleansing the minds of the ponies, but enough retained the lie cast by the wicked mare of darkness and started a cult following of the dark princess. Stories passed down in secret over the 1000 years, and many ponies attempted to overthrow Celestia by attack in secret and from the shadows like cowards. After a while they died down, and went back into hiding, but after the formation of the Wonderbolts, some pegasi involved with the cult began the Shadowbolts which quickly became the most active and destructive members of the Lunar Republic.

"Is that why you killed yourself, 'Lane? To be part of this cult?" Rainbow asked, still fuming.

"Yes. If it wasn't for Lightning, though, I wouldn't have seen the light, and once I had, Equestria died to me, so Rarity, and my love for her died first!" Thunderlane spat back.

Rainbow gasped a little. That statement hurt her a little too.

"That's right, lieutenant," Lightning was saying now. "And when our candidate for mayor gets into Ponyville, she'll be able to-oops! I shouldn't give away my plans. You could stop me, if Thunderlane won't already."

No sooner had she said that then Thunderlane yelled as he pounced at Rainbow, but the rainbow-maned pony's lightning fast reflexes had not failed her, and was able to run from where she came, and lift into the air, Thunderlane not far behind. Most passerby's would just assume a training or practice exercise was going on, but as Rainbow gained the speed on the brainwahsed wacko, she ducked and bobbed in and out of alleys to find a place to stop and hide. This was unlike her, though. Normally she'd be out kicking tail, but she had to do this smart. Lightning had given up a part of the plan; A candidate for Ponyville mayor was part of the Lunar Republic, and the only other candidate besides AJ was Trixie. Obviously, Trixie would be part of that group, but just in case not, it'd be pretty awkward if Rainbow just snatched her up for conspiracy and she didn't do it. In that case, Rainbow was going to HAVE to be there, if not to JUST see her friends, but to keep this crazy cult from ruling Equestria.

Please Mr.Apple Was My Father by Biosonic100
Please Mr.Apple Was My Father
Here are AJ, Big Mac, and Apple Bloom's parents. I decided to make them just a mix-match of their kids' colors for fun. Plus, since Granny had the same eye color as AB, it makes sense that it came from the Apple side, and Aunt and Uncle Orange could be from mummy's side. Her and his colors mixed to get AJ's colors, and AB is so treasured, especially by AJ because of how much she looks like their mother. I did a brighter red on dad to that mum's color would dull it to get Big Mac's colors.

What do ya think?
Thundering ReveLanetions by Biosonic100
Thundering ReveLanetions
At the Wonderbolt Headquarters, Lieutenant Rainbow Dash was drilling the new recruits fresh from the academy. It was standard procedure. Rainbow herself experienced this after she graduated from the Wonderbolt Academy. That's when she and Soarin started seeing each other. Nowadays, though, he stays home with Gliding being a stay-at-home dad. He also manages the weather team like she did, except he conducts business from home. Rainbow, however, couldn't fathom staying still for too long, so she stayed with the Wonderbolts, giving the final training to new recruits, and making PR appearances with Captain Spitfire. The two were good friends now, despite past indiscretions. When they go out for some ball or public event Spitfire and Rainbow are there. Spitfire making speeches, and Rainbow shaking hooves. There was a ceremony in Ponyville coming up soon that would require their presence; Mayor election day. Since it was such a rare occurrence in that town, the top Wonderbolts were in charge of appearing for debates and providing security for both the candidates and the Princess presiding. In letters she got when she couldn't get back for extended periods of time from Soarin, Rainbow read that Applejack was running for mayor. That means the pegasus would definitely be there, and today, it was announced that Trixie Lulamoon would be running against the Apple Family Matriarch it would take a lot to keep Rainbow from being there.

That could wait, though, because right now Rainbow had young hot-bloods talking trash, and snickering amongst themselves. She stopped at a filly who seemed very smug, and darting her eyes anywhere but where Rainbow's were.

"And what's so funny, Private?" Rainbow asked her.

"Oh...nothing ma'am," she replied, sniggering . "Just a little joke we've got goin'"

"Care to fill me in? I love a good joke." Rainbow played along, raising an eyebrow.

"It's an inside, joke, ma'am," The young mare sneered, trying to avoid confrontation.
"You wouldn't get it."

"Try me." Rainbow challenged, singling the filly out for humiliation.

The young pegasus smirked. "You asked for it, ma'am." She was stalling. She'd rather not have to deal with the older pegasus.

"I'm waiting."

The cadet cleared her throat. "What's left at the other end of the rainbow after the Sonic Rainboom?"


"Everything that made Rainbow Dash awesome." She chuckled.

Rainbow merely kept her eyebrow raised. "You sayin' I'm not awesome?"

"No offense, ma'am, but you used to be. Then you got all prissy doing more balls and less barrel rolls." The lass giggled, causing the others to giggle.

"Alright, hot shot. How bout a race?" Rainbow smirked.

The pony snorted. "With you? Sure. I'd love to be known as the filly who one-upped Rainbow Dash." She challenged now.

Rainbow tilted her head, the class "oohed" their instructor as she raised to remove the pins in her mane keeping it up and pristine, letting the rainbow-flowing locks drape over her shoulders and neck.

"Yeah, the day that happens is the day dead ponies walk." Rainbow bantered, and bent over getting ready.

"Ready?" the filly asked.

"I'm ready when I sleep." Rainbow shot back before shouting. "123GO!" and taking off in a trail of colors, leaving the cadet in shock and awe as she zipped after the Wonderbolt. 

Rainbow was miles and miles away from her now, laughing to herself at how easy it was to upstage these punks. Now she found herself in the middle of Cloudsdale, not too far from HQ. Rainbow chuckled as she did her mane back up. She was professional...most of the time. She flared her wings to catch the kid and return to base, but a shadow passed down an alleyway, and her duty as a protector cause Rainbow to investigate. Good thing too, because down the alley she could make out a door with a dangerous insignia etched out on it. She peeked inside, and her heart stopped. "It can't be." She said to herself....

You Can't Deny by Biosonic100
You Can't Deny
Super late, but based on that lovely song for Sunset Shimmer; My Past Is Not Today.
I get super creative when I'm sleepy, and it helps me sleep. So tell me what you think.

Also, I plan to start using black lineart to make it easier on me. I'll post something soon with that. Tell me your thoughts. Ta ta. 
The Dead of The Night by Biosonic100
The Dead of The Night
It was well within the evening when Applejack returned to Sweet Apple Acres. Everypony was abed, and AJ quickly joined their slumbering ranks. However, later in the dead of the night, the orange mare was groaning. Tossing and turning, kicking her blankets off, and finally waking up in anything but a cold sweat. She hauled herself out of the oven. After all, if you can't stand the heat. 

AJ slumped to the window, exhausted, and not able to get any rest with the intense heat broiling her room. She sighed, feeling the soft wind brush against her face. Tonight was going to be a miserable night, and tomorrow would be awful.

By midmorning the next day, Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich with their colt, Silly String, Princess Twilight and Flash with Event, and Fluttershy and Big Mac with Apple Tree were all standing and greeting one another at town hall. As they caught up since last meeting, Fluttershy drops from the conversations as a figure emerges into town. The chatter dies down as everyone sees Rarity and Jeweled Thunder approaching. There's a collective gasp from the mares as they rush to greet their friend who's been missing for the past few days. Each one of them showered her with affection and questions as to how she was and where she's been.

"I'm just fine, dears. I just was in need of some time alone is all." The grey mare answered.

"What made you decide to come out today?" Fluttershy asked.

"It was Auntie Applejack!" Jewel answered excitedly.

Rarity nodded confirming what her daughter said. "Where is she by the way? She said she was going to meet us before coming here, but-"

"But we wanted to surprise her and meet her out here." Jewel finished.

"Gosh, I don't know." Twilight replied. "That's who we've all been waiting on since we got here."

"There she is!" Pinkie announced, poking her hoof in the direction of Sweet Apple Acres as AJ walked up sluggishly to the group....


This one is based on the fact that it's been getting so hot where I live that I literally could not sleep one night. 


I have a name?
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
hey all! This is my new place.Hope you like it.
Feel free to look around. There may not be much to see,but there will,don't worry.

Current Residence: Tennessee
Favourite genre of music: Anything, really.
Favourite style of art: cartooons
Wallpaper of choice: Something fun
Favourite cartoon character: Rarity
Hi everypony. I've rebooted my headcanon. Some things remain while others change.

I want to have Rarity and Applejack together because I think that ship is cute, but I also love Jeweled Thunder so Thunderlane has to go. Now, AJ never met Caramel, and the Doctor never got stuck with her. Except for key moments, the Doctor will not interact with the Mane Six.

Soarin' and Rainbow are still together and Gliding is still here.

So is Event, but they're foals again so I can build his and Gliding's relationship right.

I'm doing this so I can keep close to the mainstream canon. Take what's there, and add to it a bit. Kind of like the comics.

This also opens the dor for Pinkie and Cheese to have foals.

Big Mac and Fluttershy are still together, as is Flash and Princess Twilight.

This is also me breaking out of a shell I've been in for too long. Sonic the hedgehog is back on my list, but requests are still meh, for me now. I'll do an art trade, though, in a heartbeat. Sonic/mlp crossovers are still grey too. It's a big maybe right now. 

It's a new year, time for new changes. If you're onboard, then we'll have fun, because I want you guys to help me build this too. Give me ideas. Talk to me. We can make this bigger. If I don't like an idea, but you think it's worth for me to do or be a part of sell me the idea. Make me like it.
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A Terrible Mistake by Biosonic100
When Bow-Ties Were Cool by Biosonic100
This is so you guys can see where it is.

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