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Ty the Tasmanian Tiger by Biosonic100
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
Playing with designs on this old character, and I'm using the new DA app now. Makes things super simple.......except everything's sideways.
Blood Is Thicker: Rainy Days by Biosonic100
Blood Is Thicker: Rainy Days
Here's a little something I did since it's such a gloomy day where I live. Yeah, it's a little spoilery too since da babies aren't here yet, but I've been working on this for a while.

More details about the characters to come, but hope you like this.
Hi guys. I'm currently working on a series with my friend :iconcherryflip22:
with our OC's. We'd love it if you'd check it out, and let us know what you think. Thanks.
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Vanessa Carlton
  • Reading: 50 SOG
  • Watching: MLP
  • Playing: with pens
  • Eating: chicken
  • Drinking: Pepsi
Blood is Thicker 7 by Biosonic100
Blood is Thicker 7
While in the library, Raindrop has had problems looking up certain medical books, so she decides to ask the librarian.

Raindrop: Excuse me, miss?

Librarian: Yes, ma'am?

Raindrop: wife and I are trying to have a child since we can't adopt, and I can't find the book on magic and medicine?

Immediately, the Librarian, obligated by library rules to not help those open about their sexuality, so she kicked Raindrop out and black listed her from all libraries in the downtown area. This hurt Raindrop because she loved that library so she broke down with Cherry to comfort her.

Cherry: Hey, it's alright, honey. There's got to be a way.

Raindrop: Well- *sniffs* I don know one pony

Halfway across town a known and unknown wander from Ponyville was making a stop in Manehattan to pick up some chemicals needed for a new experiment. As he made his way to his traveling machine he spotted two mares looking around his box.

Doctor: Yes ladies, how might I help you?

Raindrop: Um, yeah, hey Doctor.

Doctor: Rainy Rain! Great Whickering Stallions! Such a pleasure to see you again. You've grown up.

Raindrop: Right, thanks. You look the same. Like the day I first met you.

Cherry: Anyway, um. Mr. Doctor. Could you help us?

Doctor: Of course I can, but it's just the Doctor, thank you.

Cherry: Right, so, erm....See, we're wanting a baby.

Doctor: Baby? Shouldn't you be married first?

Raindrop: We are. *Giggles*

Doctor: Splendid! You know, there's a medical clinic up the street, and tons of medical books over there in the library that could get you started.

Raindrop: But, Doctor, Manehattan is very much against helping lesbian couples.

*Not too far a gay couple of stallions trot out with a baby they adopted*

Doctor: Ah, I see. Never fear, my dears, there's a place just outside of Fillydelphia that does this sort of thing quite easily. Tell you what. I'll help you. Just follow me, and I'll give you a lift.

The couple glance excited at one another while the Doctor does some calculations in his head. Not long the gang is away as they go to Fillydelphia.
Blood is Thicker 6 by Biosonic100
Blood is Thicker 6
After months as a couple, Raindrop has Cherry move in with her. Not long afterwards, they decide to get married. Now, funny enough, same-sex marriage is legal in Manehattan despite it being a very conservative city. However, many establishments hold the right to prohibit same-sex couples in various departments. Unfortunately, same-sex couples getting access to raising a child of their own is one of those departments. Here, the couple attempt to adopt a foal...

Worker: Sorry, ma'ams, unfortunately, due to your marital status being homosexual we have denied your request to adopt a foal

Cherry: WHAT?! That is SO stupid! We had an easier time getting married then jumping through paperwork YOU had us do?! What the Ffff.....

Raindrop: *Puts a hoof on Cherry's shoulder and shakes her head, guiding her beloved out of the deplorable establishment, but Raindrop makes sure to give the worker as dissatisfied a look like when she went to see that awful play about a comic book character.*

Cherry: Surely there's another way we can have baby?

Raindrop: I'm pretty good at some medical spells. Maybe there's one at the library.

Cherry: Great idea!

And off they went...


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
hey all! This is my new place.Hope you like it.
Feel free to look around. There may not be much to see,but there will,don't worry.

Current Residence: Tennessee
Favourite genre of music: Anything, really.
Favourite style of art: cartooons
Wallpaper of choice: Something fun
Favourite cartoon character: Rarity
Hi guys. I'm currently working on a series with my friend :iconcherryflip22:
with our OC's. We'd love it if you'd check it out, and let us know what you think. Thanks.
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Vanessa Carlton
  • Reading: 50 SOG
  • Watching: MLP
  • Playing: with pens
  • Eating: chicken
  • Drinking: Pepsi

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A Terrible Mistake by Biosonic100
When Bow-Ties Were Cool by Biosonic100
This is so you guys can see where it is.

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