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Aging Problems 12 by Biosonic100
Aging Problems 12
After his call to the future, and upon returning to Trenzalore to pick Clara up, the Doctor is ready to change his face, and ready to unveil the mask, and reveal himself to the one pony that completely understands him.

The Tardis lands mere seconds after its departure, and the school teacher finds her way aboard, where he arrives, and says his goodbyes. He removes his bow-tie, and gives her one last smile before jolting back to reveal his new form.

An aged-looking stallion, taller, and slimmer. He gazes oddly at his companion as the Tardis tumbles out of control. After quickly exploring his new body, disliking his new kidneys, he comes to a horrible conclusion; From his mind rebooting, he has forgotten how to pilot his Tardis....
Aging Problems part 11 by Biosonic100
Aging Problems part 11
That evening after Applejack's birthday, the Apple clan assumed Applebloom went into town to catch up with her Crusaders, and went onto bed after a long afternoon of celebrating.

In the barn where she went before going on her little adventure the Tardis began to materialize in the spot it had when sit dropped Applebloom off the first time, but this time she left the Tardis knowing she would likely not seeing it again. And that was okay, because now she knew that the Doctor was safe, and was going to be safe now that he had been restored.

The Doctor waved goodbye as the young mare left the barn, and to that childhood clubhouse. The last Time Lord slumped back to the console, and engaged the engines to pick up one more pony back on Trenzalore. His time was upon him, and he knew he needed the one pony in the entire universe that could help him recover from his oddest regeneration yet. He decided to call her, and give her some advice.

Once the call was complete the engines stopped, and the Doctor had to prepare for his last bow in his bow-tie.....
Aging Problems part 10 by Biosonic100
Aging Problems part 10
When Chrysalis and AppleBloom arrived on the planet Trenzelore, the first thing to meet their eyes was a golden explosion erupting into the sky and destroying a Dalek mothership.

The queen winched as the Dalek that lied dormant within her began to die.

Once the chaos was over they saw a refreshed Time Lord approach them. He put a hoof on Chrysalis, thanking her. The queen nodded, and went on her way. He told AppleBloom to follow him into the box. She did, and the doors closed. The engines roared, and the Doctor undressed...
New Faces by Biosonic100
New Faces
I didn't draw a background because I'm lazy.

After the Doctor left his TARDIS and got acquainted with hands again, he looked around and realized he was at a school. All the teenagers coming and going, not paying much attention to anything outside of their conversations and cell phones.

The Doctor decided to move the TARDIS anyway, just in case, but quickly thought against it as the box did block the path of anyone wanting to go to Equestria.

As he went towards the doors of the school, fully intending to pass himself off as a teacher or caretaker, or maybe a student if the people were stupid enough. He made it just to the threshold when he bumped into a teenager. He backed up to see who he had freed from the grasp of technology, but to his surprise it was none other than Twilight Sparkle herself. He would have said something to her, but the look in the girl's eye told him that this was not the same individual he knew. That look, by the way, was almost one of indigence. As though she was a bit more well-to-do than the princess was. "Sorry." was all she said, very off-handedly too, as she walked into the building with a very heavy-looking backpack.

The Doctor quickly scanned the backpack with his sonic screwdriver, and cocked his very angry eyebrows at what the girl had; an energy scanner. "Now wha' would ya bring tha' fur." He whispered in his Scottish brogue before following the teen inside, and through the sea of raging hormones. Keeping the sonic tuned to the signal of the scanner he managed to navigate the traffic, and bumped into the girl again, this time with the scanner out. "Who are you, and what is that?" The purple young lady asked, rather nastily. "I could ask you tha saeme thing." The Doctor replied in a low tone. The bell rang, and all the students began scrambling to their respective classrooms leaving the odd pair in the middle of the hallway face to face.

A New Frontier by Biosonic100
A New Frontier
After Princess Twilight made it possible to pass through the magic mirror at any time, the Doctor decided to run some experiments on  it from the TARDIS. After finding out that the mirror served as a permanent link between two universes that could stay in perfect harmony so long as their counterparts didn't cross over too often or didn't interfere with normal happenings, then exploration could be safe. With these assumptions in mind he decided to send the TARDIS through to see what would happen with the relative dimensions. Once through the interior began to jumble and quake, altering to the laws of the human dimension. The Doctor also had lost his equine form in favor of the homo sapian form.

Once on the other side the portal was having difficulty materializing the exterior in it's relative size, but eventually it did succeed, making the TARDIS land with it's usual thump sound. The Doctor will be out shortly once he's gotten acquainted with his new body.


I have a name?
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hey all! This is my new place.Hope you like it.
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A Terrible Mistake by Biosonic100
When Bow-Ties Were Cool by Biosonic100
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